FTC Flat Roof Coatings

Installation of Waterproof Roof Coatings

Although not all existing flat roofs can be coated, many can. The commercial roofing team at FTC Roofing can evaluate your roof and let you know if a roof coating will extend the life of your roof. We use best-of-class roof coating products manufactured by Gaco Western.

Roof Coating Application

What Is a Roof Coating?

The purpose of a roof coating is two-fold. Most commercial building owners and facility managers look at a roof coating as a way to extend the life of the roof. A roof coating will also seal small cracks and stop small roof leaks. Roof coatings installed by FTC Roofing are rolled on or sprayed on and don’t add much weight to the roof, making them ideal for almost every building.

Another benefit that many property managers realize is that because roof coatings are white or light in color, they reflect the sun’s rays. This helps to substantially lower a building’s cooling costs.

Is a Commercial Roof Coating Right for My Roof?

Only a professional inspection can determine if a roof coating is right for your building. Most roofing materials can be coated. However, one reason we may not be able to apply a roof coating is if the roof’s structure isn’t sound. You wouldn’t want to invest in a roof coating when what you really need is a re-roof. Another reason we would not do a coating is if the current roof system is saturated with water.

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They replaced our roof and gutters and we couldn't be happier! Rachael Black was the Project Manager and she was absolutely OUTSTANDING! She is very personable, professional, knowledgeable, and her...

- Marlene Snyder

Jacob Martinez was the Project Manager for my roof repair. I interview three contractors for the project. Jacob convinced me that FTC was the company I should use. 

- Juristic Collins

Outstanding company. Outstanding people. Thorough and expert follow-through. FTC Roofing started by really going to work on/with my homeowners insurance company, succeeding in getting claims approved where others previously failed..

- James Freidell